OStoGO 1.0

Creates bootable USB memory sticks with various Windows versions
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Boot directly from your USB stick or install your operating system using a USB dongle. The tool converts the installer from DVDs into a bootable setup file for USB sticks or other external drives. It supports Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 and works with USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0.

OStoGO assists you to convert Microsoft Windows Vista/7 Setup DVD to your USB Storage Device (e.g. USB Flash Drive, External USB Hard Drive, or SSD with USB port). Then you can install Microsoft O.S. via USB Booting instead of DVD Booting. OStoGO is an alternative solution to install OS for PCs and laptops without optical drives.

Main Features:

- OStoGO allowing you to convert Windows 7 setup system into USB Flash drive.
- Now, users can install Windows 7 directly via bootable USB Flash drive rather than via bootable DVD!

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